Pending EBRP. East Baton Rouge Parish School System | 2021- 2022 School Year Calendar 12 Month Employee Holidays 5 Independence Day Holiday Certified Employees Return 12 (10 & 11 months/Deans) 19 (Teacher In-Service) 1 ... 2021-22 Yearly ... ebr school calendar 2021 2022. Posted on: January 7th, 2021 by No Comments. LEAP Assessment Grade 3 PBT Sci/SS May 2-3 EBR Focus Testing Window 4-8 CBT April 25 –May 13 6 Last day for Seniors 20 Last Day for students (End of 2nd Semester) 23 Last Day for Teachers 17End of 2ndNine Weeks 17End of 3rdSix Weeks 20-31Christmas/Winter Break (End of 1stSemester) DECEMBER 2021 S M T W Th F S.

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